What helps you to learn at school?

50% of children said their Teacher/Teaching Assistants helps them to learn.

28% of children said they learn better in a group.

27% of the children said they learn better if they get more time to think in class.

What do you find challenging at school?

When asked what the children find challenging there were various responses including; being distracted by other children, spellings, reading, writing and maths.

What stops you from learning?

70% of the children said being tired stops them from learning.

52% of the children said that their low self- esteem and confidence stops them from learning.

48% of children said that their lack of interest stops them from learning. 

38% of the children said that daydreaming stops them from learning.

16% of the children said that being argumentative in class and their memory stops them from learning.

When asked what the children enjoy about school these were some of the responses:

“Maths – I practise my times tables at home.”

“Playing with my friends.”

“Break time and writing.”

“Golden Time.”


“seeing my teachers.”

“Fun Activities”

“Science and ICT”

When asked how can your teacher help you fulfil your potential? These are some of the responses:

“Coming round to me and telling me if I am doing it right.”

“Read with me so that I can get better and better.”

“More help at independent work.”

Come over to me and ask me a couple of questions to see if my brain is working.”

“More challenging work in English.”

“more feedback other than good or bad”

Holly Spring Junior School; Building Aspirations and Broadening Horizons.