Analysis of PE Funding Report


Following the success of the 2012 Olympics it was decided by the government that schools had a once in a generation opportunity to put sport at the heart of the modern primary curriculum. The need for children to be active, engaged and challenged in school PE is seen as important not only for the wellbeing of children, but also as a response to the obesity crisis which is affecting young people countrywide.


To ensure children are getting the most out of their PE time in primary school the government has suggested that schools should have a vision for their PE provision; that PE and sport should contribute to the school improvement by addressing the needs of the whole child; that schools should have a broad, rich curriculum which is well taught and enables children to be effective learners; that schools offer opportunities for children to engage in active competition and that children understand how physical activity can help them make positive lifestyle choices now and in the future. All of which is underpinned by a new OFSTED framework which will take into account the provision of PE, and its impact in schools, when inspections are taking place.


To ensure that all of this is achievable, parliament passed a budget for PE funding for primary schools PE for the two years preceding the London Olympics. The funding is entirely dependent upon the size of the school, but for Holly Spring that funding has meant an extra £9,225 to be specifically spent on school sports. It was decided that the funding would be spent to improve the following points;


•The quality of the teaching of PE

•Introducing a new sport to the school

•Increasing the amount of children participating in after school clubs


Last year as a school we decided to  employ a PE Teaching Assistant, to help address these actions. Miss Holt supported teaching PE across all classes; providing opportunities to stretch the more able and support those needing more help.  She also acted as an excellent role model for girls involved in sport at school.


This year, we have employed Miss Callard to support in the same role. Last year, we increased the participation in after school clubs from 38% to 51%. We also participated in a Netball league and the Badminton festival for the first time and also played lacrosse, handball and year 3 and 4 football matches for the first time. Clubs such as handball, year 3 and 4 football, get up and go club and street soccer were also introduced for the first time. This year, we have already introduced an open indoor athletics club, a badminton club and a lacrosse club.  


To gauge the effect of this, last year we issued a questionnaire to both staff and children to collect a general viewpoint of the teaching of PE, both through the curriculum and extra-curricular. The full results from this questionnaire are shown in the following report.

Holly Spring Junior School; Building Aspirations and Broadening Horizons.