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The School Support Team will:
  • Organise regular drop in sessions to meet other parents' and carers'

  • Organise family events

  • Offer one to one support for children, young people and parents/carers.

  • Provide access to parenting workshops and programmes.

  • Provide information on other services and support in Bracknell Forest.

You might want to use the School Support Team for issues such as:
  • My child finds it hard to make friends

  • Our family pet has died

  • We've had a bad morning

  • My child doesn't want to come to school

  • I feel lonely

  • I'm not coping since my partner left me

  • I just need someone to talk to

  • If you have ever had any of these feelings, or if there is anything else that is worrying you, we in the School Support Team may be able to help

Aims of the School Support Team:
  • To build parents' and carers' confidence to deal with difficult parenting issues and behaviours.

You might want to use the School Support Team for issues like these:

  • To strengthen relationships and communication between home, school and other agencies.

  • To encourage involvement in school activities.

  • To help parents and carers support their children with learning.

We provide access to support and advice on:
  • Adult learning

  • Parenting workshops

  • Behaviour Management

  • Holiday events and activities

  • Diet and Nutrition

  • Speech and language

  • Applying for a school place

  • Literacy and Maths                      (and much more!)

Contact the School Office
School Tel: 01344 422367
Fax: 01344 460949
School Support Team
Direct Dial: 07521 164031
Direct Dial: 01344 460947
Direct Dial: 01344 460946
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